Why is Competency Mapping Needed?

Why do we need to map competencies? Imagine selecting an employee who is not competent for the job but is still hired. A sales manager who is unable to communicate effectively or a team leader who is not a team player. What do you think the consequences would be? Poor performance and high turnover are the most likely consequences of an unmatched recruitment and selection process. And if training is provided to these individuals without further analyzing their training needs, then increased cost adds on to the list of consequences.

To make these consequences more positive in nature, competency mapping is needed. It gives an insight about whether the potential candidate will be able to successfully perform on the job or some other job role would suit better. Or, whether training is at all needed. If yes, then what exactly should the person be trained in so that the expenditures are not perceived as waste. If nothing at all, competency mapping is needed to increase self-awareness for better career management.