What Competencies Are Required for A Job?

Competencies refer to specific qualities that companies or organizations look for when they are scouting for professionals to fill in their various positions. These desirable qualities are considered as a benchmark when the assessment and interviews are conducted. Usually, the candidates that are rated highly on these parameters are considered for the job and are given due opportunities. Usually, companies set aside several core competencies or key skills to look for while they are screening candidates for a particular position. Based on how candidates answer, they get rated accordingly against each competency.

Curious to know what are the competencies in a job? Here are some:

1. Responsibility

When the responsibility is given to an employee, then it means that he/she has been given the duty to make decisions under certain circumstances. Competency based questions are often given to candidates when they face an interview to check out on the responsibilities they shouldered in their last job. Some questions may even be asked for candidates to find out how well they might react when responsibilities are given to them in the future. Some of the questions that may be asked to a prospective employee are:

  • How are responsibilities carried out by you?
  • What responsibilities did you handle in the past?
  • Do you like handling responsibilities?
2. Teamwork

One of the most important competencies companies look for in employees is teamwork. Without this competency in their employees, it is easier for companies to fail. It is, therefore, not surprising to see candidates being tested on teamwork front when they face interviews.

Teamwork does not only mean working in a team, but it also involves helping other members of the team in achieving common goals set for the team in an effective and quick manner.

3. Career motivation

For those who are still wondering what are competencies in a job, career motivation is the next thing to look up to. As a competency in an individual, career motivation will decide on why he/she wants to work for an organization. While on the job the individual needs to illustrate his or her desire to work positively for the company. If you are applying for a position, then your answer should have some reference to aspects like training, prior experience or qualifications, etc.

4. Problem-solving

Problem-solving refers to the ability to assess a situation accurately and then arriving at a positive solution for it. This is an analytical skill that most employers look for in employees when they screen them for jobs. The problem-solving competency skill isn’t restricted to just one particular industry or sector or even role. Therefore, do not be surprised if you confront questions pertaining to problem-solving while attending interviews. In having required problem-solving competency skills, an employee will be able to solve problems using different stages – defining the problem, identifying alternatives, evaluation of alternatives, and implementing solutions that are most feasible.

5. Leadership

For those searching answers for questions like – what are competencies in a job, leadership emerges as one key answer. This is one competency every employer looks for in an employee. The candidate is screened for his/her ability to lead, develop, and/or motivate people in the team or group.