StrengthMapping is our well-researched, end-to-end methodology to identify and match behavioral competencies of the employees using a 5-step process – articulation of job roles, competency mapping, benchmarking, assessment and application. Each of the 5 steps is a service that can be bought separately or the entire service of StrengthMapping can be bought together. We strongly believe in taking an objective approach to competency mapping aligned with the vision and mission of organizations. Having the best properties of various competency mapping models, our methodology is unique and has very high applicative value.

Articulating Job Roles
The demand from each job role is constantly changing with the everchanging demands of the market. In such a situation, it is important to keep updating job descriptions. Updated job descriptions provide individuals with a well-defined framework of what is expected from their job role. Therefore, as part of the first step in StrengthMapping, we articulate job roles and prepare comprehensive job descriptions that goes through a rigorous process of validation. Most companies that have job descriptions in place, we help them to update their existing job descriptions. As an outcome of this step, we identify a validated list of key behavioral competencies required for each job.
Competency Mapping
As part of the entire service, competency mapping is the next step after articulating job roles. However, as a separate service we can identify and map competencies from existing job descriptions. Since some behavioral competencies are not directly observable, we assess them through a list of behavioral indicators. The behavioral competencies along with behavioral indicators are clubbed under larger buckets of competencies to simplify the process. As an outcome of this step, we create a competency framework for each job role that directs all further steps in the mapping process.
Benchmarking is simply evaluating by comparison with a standard. The assessment results of one person does not hold any value unless it is compared with a standard. When we assert that an individual is a match for a job or not, we need to do so against a set of criterias or what we call a benchmark. We offer benchmarking services for organizations to help them set standard criterias of job performance.
The first step to any assessment is to identify the right assessment tool. Based on the competencies that needs to be assessed, we select assessments that would yield objective and accurate results. Both individual and group-based assessments are conducted as per the varying needs of the client. Although, assessment is the fourth step in StrengthMapping, we as a business psychology firm offer assessments for various competencies separately as a service.
StrengthMapping has varied implications. The most important is that of gap analysis. Mapping competencies help us to identify any gap in performance that would require further interventions. As part of interventions, we design customized training programs based on individual and group needs. These training interventions aim to fill the gap identified and give scope to individuals and groups for personal development. Gap analysis can further aid in recruitment and selection, internal mobility, career management, performance evaluation and various other HR processes.