1 Hour Live Webinar

With Dipti Pande & Shradha Dhar

Competency-Based Approach to Designing a HiPo Program

Webinar Date and Time (IST)

  • 21 Mar 2018


  • 15:00


Webinar Overview:

The focus of this webinar is on understanding how to take an objective approach to identify high potential employees and design an effective HiPo program to be able to retain and develop employees for strengthening the organization’s future.

“The better you are at surrounding yourself with people of high potential, the greater your chance for success”
-John C. Maxwell
  • Do you find your organization’s high potential (HiPo) programs not having the right outcome?
  • Do you think that the organization is not investing in the right people?
  • Do you have a dilemma between high performers and high potential employees when it comes to investing in trainings?
  • Is there a confusion in identifying high potential employees?
  • Do you want to objectively create plans to develop and retain HiPo employees?
  • Do you feel your HiPo programs generate negativity?

If “yes”, then join us for an insightful webinar on “Competency-Based Approach to Designing a HiPo Programs”.

Who Should Attend?

  • HR & Talent Development Managers
  • HR & OD Professionals
  • Facilitators & Trainers

Webinar Highlights:

A competency-based approach to designing a HiPo program is a scientific methodology that guarantees development of employees who can bring the best for the organization.
In the 60-minute webinar, Dipti and Shradha will address some critical elements of designing a HiPo program and how a competency-based approach can bring objectivity in the process.

The following aspects will be covered:

  • Understanding the difference between high potential and high performing employees
  • Recognizing different assessments that can be used to identify high potential employees
  • Identifying the process by which designing HiPo programs can be made objective and accurate

Why Should You Attend?

  • A great deal of confusion and debate exists with respect to high performers and high potential employees in an organization. Most organizations consider high performers to also be high potential employees - this is a myth! Survey results have shown that only 1 out of 7 high performers is actually a high potential employee.
    The investment and attention received by high potential programs calls for a thorough process of identifying the right people suitable for the program, otherwise HiPo programs only results in loss of investment and morale.
    An understanding of a competency-based approach to HiPo programs can guarantee high return on investment.