About Us

Strengthscape is a business psychology firm headquartered in Bangalore, India. We, at Strengthscape, understand and appreciate the differences that make each individual unique. For this reason, we offer customized services to help businesses create a winning culture and sow the seed for personal development and organizational growth.

Strength + scape = Strengthscape

The term “Strengthscape” is derived from the two English words “strength” and “scape”. Strength is the property of being strong and “scape” means view. The two words together create a new word, “Strengthscape” which means, a collective view of strong properties. The concept of “Strengthscape” was coined by Akash Chander in July 2013. In relation to individual personalities he defines Strengthscape as follows:
“Strengthscape is a landscape of strengths (behaviours) of an individual which are responses under any situation, frequently displayed, easy to identify and first stress responses often overused and thereby becoming weaknesses.”

Our StrengthMapping methodology keeps this definition and vision of Strengthscape in place.